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March 07, 2007



Monika and Manfred, thank you for coming to see my diary. It is long since I wrote the diary here last. Time flies. It was almost two years ago that I got sick. It is my pleasure that you offer for my health and well-being.


I decided to follow you over here, since I somehow do not only want to post you "whatever other award" to one of the flickr comment boxes - and any serious talking over there for me at the moment seems more prevented than ever before due to the heavy posting of blinking and shiny stuff.

I do hope that things will go right for you - and if you want to accept them, I offer my prayers for your health and well-being from over here, the other side of the world.

You seem to have found a great physician...

Lots of good thoughts for you, and have a relaxing weekend!
Monika (& Manfred as well...)

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