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March 10, 2008



Making a living is important, it is true, but it cannot be the motive (at least the strong motive) to concentrate on working. I want to contribute. Work-in your case music- is not a personal satisfaction. I do hope many people will read my books and translation but the number cannot be the problem. If the books and your music reach only one people I can be satisfied.


I very clearly understand what you explain here of the immortality through your work achieved and left behind.

Currently I am - mostly together with two very close friends of mine - preparing for a new music publishing endeavor of which I hope the same: That it may be one such trace on our world that may still be visible and of importance to some (and best of all, "many") people once the three of us will already have gone - to "other shores". Time will show and tell if we can achieve it, but this is definitely one of the main drives that make me work a lot more than I would have to to make my living.

Good luck for your current and following books! May they remain alive across the boundaries of our own personal death(s)!

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