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March 08, 2008



Thank you Monika. In the book I am now writing, which is to be published soon (though I have not finished writing it yet) I am dealing with the problem of the disease and death, which, needless to say, are big problems which cannot be answered easily. I want to stress the important of the disease in the sense that it teaches us, to use your expression, what it is worth living for.


Isn't it interesting how some things in our lives make others much more "relative"? And how these events teach us what really matters to us, what it is worth living for in our eyes?

I am glad to read that your health problems that you have luckily overcome by now opened such insights for you.

Congratulations on having successfully published a translation to Japanese lately and on having another one in the queue! You will leave footprints of your life once you go...

All the best for you,

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