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Ichiro KISHIMI Philosopher, Adlerian psychologist and translator of English and German languages. philosophy from Kyoto University. Director of the Japanese Society ofAdlerian psychology. Former counselor at Maeda Clinic in Kyoto and has taught philosophy and ancient Greek at various institutions such as Kyoto University of Education and Nara Women's University. He presently teaches educational psychology and clinical psychology at Meiji School of Oriental Medicine in Suita, Osaka. Kishimi now has his own private counseling office in Kameoka, Kyoto, and devotes his time to giving lectures on Adlerian Psychology and child education. He has recently finished his new book on psychology and philosophy.

His publications are as follows;
Introduction to Adlerian psychology(published from KK bestsellers, 1999)
Psychology on Sadness, Philosophy on Happiness : why people suffer, a clue to a sense of well-being (published from Yuigaku Shobo, 2003)
Reading Adler(published from Arte, 20066)
The Science of Living by Alfred Adler (published from Ikkosha, 1996)
The Education of Children by Alfred Adler (published from Ikkosha, 1998)
Problems of Neurosis by Alfred Adler (published from Shunjusha, 2001)
The Drive for Self by Edward Hoffman (published from Kaneko Shobo, 2005)
Der Sinn des Lebens by Alfred Adler (published by Arte, 2008)
Die Individualpsychologie in der Schule by Alfred Adler(coming soon)


philosophy(Greek philosophy), psychology(Adlerian psychology)